While slate is the most expensive roofing material on the market it is also the most durable and one of the more attractive. Literally cut from slabs of stone, slates are most commonly grey but do occur in a variety of colours. Slate roofs regularly last over 100 years and in rare occasions have been known to last twice that long! Slate roofs require little maintenance, are very resistant to moulding and insects and are fire proof. Slate is a heavy roofing material and can only be used on roofs that are properly supported for such weight. Most residential homes would require additional materials and labour to increase the roofs strength, adding to the expense of installing a slate roof.
Should your slate roof need to be repaired it is important to have the work done by a roofing contractor experienced with slate. Not only does slate require a certain amount of expertise to install correctly it is a brittle material which can crack and/or break if walked on
The highest quality slate in the World comes from Wales, with other quality slate materials found imported from countries such as Spain, China, or Canada. You can also buy synthetic slate, which is made from either a mixture of slate dust and glass fibre resin, or a combination of cement and fibre. Synthetic slate isn't as fragile as real slate, and it maintains many of the same protective qualities whilst being very light and versatile.
While slate has historically been a popular roofing material today it is not installed as widely and frequently as in the past. The decline in popularity of slate can largely be tied to the advent of cheaper and easier to install materials, Concrete “pan” tiles being chief among them.

  • Long life
  • Long warranty
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Material expense
  • Expensive to repair