Lead has been used as a water and weatherproof finish on buildings for many centuries and has stood the test of time on many historic buildings such as Churches, Museums, Public buildings and historic places of interest. Lead is extremely durable, and is ideal for cutting and shaping by hand. It can be used as the main roof covering or to create flashing, box gutters, run out valleys or to create junctions between walls and the main roof. Our craftsmen are conversant in all types of lead detailing from traditional bossing to lead welding and all work is carried out fully in accordance with the requirements of the Lead Development Association.

We are highly experienced in all forms of roof leadwork such as 

  • Flashings
  • Soakers
  • Chimney aprons
  • Eave gutters
  • Back Gutters
  • Flat lead roofs
  • Lead panels
  • Window flashing
  • Lead Slates
  • Bespoke guttering